That feeling when you finish your dissertation…

I wrote the following as an immediate reaction to seeing that my dissertation had been approved by all my committee members back in April of this year:

This initial draft of my conclusion underwent further revision.

My committee just approved my final dissertation document with the graduate school, so that’s done I guess…

It feels a bit surreal – nearly 6 years devoted to reading, collecting data, writing, learning, analyzing data, writing, thinking, collecting more data, offering inexpert guidance, did I mention writing? and now there are a few check-boxes that say I’ve done it. I keep thinking that they might take it back, though I don’t know who “they” are, my committee definitely demanded rigor and helped me build my knowledge in the process.

The #impostersyndrome will never go away.

I continued making revisions based on committee feedback right up to the deadline. It’s still not perfect, but I think I understand the imperfections at least the tiniest bit better. Hopefully I will be able to address some of these as a finish preparing to submit manuscripts for two chapters for publication.


What are you grateful for today?

I just got back from walking the dog this morning. It is a sunny and blue sky morning – a classically beautiful Colorado day.
Backpacking in the Lost Creek Wilderness
I crossed paths with a man who lives in the neighborhood, and I see regularly but have never spoken with. He stands a good six inches above my 5’10”, but moves slowly. He gently stops me on the sidewalk and says to me, “May I ask you a question?” I respond “Sure.” After all, the dog is in no rush. She tends to really mosey in the morning, thoroughly sniffing every third blade of grass. So, he asks with sincerity “What are you grateful for today?” I respond with “beautiful sunny day,” “good food” (I enjoy making our oatmeal breakfast). Then he immediately follows up by asking, “Would you like to know what I’m grateful for today?”
“Of course.”
“Today is my 25th anniversary of surviving incurable brain cancer.”
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