That feeling when you finish your dissertation…

I wrote the following as an immediate reaction to seeing that my dissertation had been approved by all my committee members back in April of this year:

This initial draft of my conclusion underwent further revision.

My committee just approved my final dissertation document with the graduate school, so that’s done I guess…

It feels a bit surreal – nearly 6 years devoted to reading, collecting data, writing, learning, analyzing data, writing, thinking, collecting more data, offering inexpert guidance, did I mention writing? and now there are a few check-boxes that say I’ve done it. I keep thinking that they might take it back, though I don’t know who “they” are, my committee definitely demanded rigor and helped me build my knowledge in the process.

The #impostersyndrome will never go away.

I continued making revisions based on committee feedback right up to the deadline. It’s still not perfect, but I think I understand the imperfections at least the tiniest bit better. Hopefully I will be able to address some of these as a finish preparing to submit manuscripts for two chapters for publication.